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I recently did a teaching on songwriting that friends requested I post so here it is.

Listen to Songwriting with God

Here is a partial transcript of the teaching:
We don’t play music, we create ideas, melody and rhythm that ride the winds of the future. You will meet what you say in the future, you live in the world you create. The power of life is in the tongue. Ideas and expression build future realities for you and coming generations. Song writing is future writing. People talk, dress, think, hate, love, believe based on the input they have taken in and embraced. It is declaration. It is war, it is preaching, it is teaching, it tears down kingdoms and raises them up. We live and walk in and on the songs, sermons, and prayers of our Fathers. Their words and works paved the road before us. We can make common songs of life but at some point we must fulfill that part of life that is to connect with God our Father and sing the songs He is singing. His songs create a world of peace, joy, love, and righteousness. What world do you want to live in? Then sing it. Write it. Declare it. Hold the word in your womb in a sacred trust with God praying it out, playing it out. Living it out.

There is no deficit of vain, shallow, or common songs on the earth. There is a deficit of songs from the depths. Songs written from the perilous and gritty journey in the search of the truth and heart of God; The truths that are easy to say but hard to live. Seek God with all your heart, then write and journal out of that living book that is your life. What you are becoming will manifest in your songwriting.

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