Jesus and Goverment: Why we should care

God is the supreme leader and author of government. It came from Him and we are an extension of His supreme leadership by our prayers and actions, which shape the world and culture around us. Within God’s sovereignty  and power, He has given man the ability to make choices that affect the world he lives in now and for eternity.  We are to pray for our leaders, vote for leaders who support biblical values and come in alignment with the teachings of Jesus. The spiritual things should always manifest in the natural. In these ways our actions literally create the government and world we live in and so does our choice to NOT act, speak or support biblical values. 

We have seen leaders elected in America who firmly hate Jesus’s teachings by opposing biblical law. To oppose Jesus’s principals, who is the Word made flesh (he was a living, walking bible) is to oppose Jesus Himself. Jesus and his words are one in the same. It is even written Psalm 138:2,

“I will worship toward Your holy temple,

And praise Your name

For Your lovingkindness and Your truth;

For You have magnified Your word above all Your name.”

Our current leaders and president have defied biblical laws in many ways, which literally brings curses on our nation affecting both Christians and unbelievers. Goverment and it’s laws shape culture, communities, freedoms and our way o life. 

It is Written in Prov. 14:34 “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people”. 

They have for instance, legalized a goverment mandated mass murder of children by abortion. Many Christians as well have accepted it with silence and voted for a clearly antibiblical stanced candidate for two terms. There is so much more to say of other issues but it will have to go in another post. We should always vote principals over party, comfort, economics, ideological fashion, designer doctorines or anything else. All true peace and order comes out of God’s laws and principles. 

Also the leaders and Supreme Court have said God’s definition of marriage, family and gender is wrong and have written  laws that defy God’s  wisdom. We also have experienced a great falling away of many Christians from the sound principles of the Bible. They instead have believed upon a new creed of designer “mod” doctrine. This is a new religious belief system built on the statutes that we should tolerate what pop (majority) culture tolerates and embrace what God clearly called sin because humanity is now been “enlightened” beyond the bible. Man has put one foot in the garden and one foot in the grave. So beloved let us pray, read our bible with great hunger, communing with God allowing it to shape our understanding and choice. Your choices becomes culture, your words become the world you live in literally. God Bless

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