Faith, fear, and the waters

Matthew 14:28-29
And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be you, bid me come unto you on the water. And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.

That which is mysterious cannot be controlled or walked upon apart from divine intervention. Faith creates the firmament. The firmness of the water is created by our trust in God. Our belief in his words and laws above the laws of physics enables Gods hidden potentials to be manifest. Trouble and uncertainty give a grand platform for the glory of God and His superior wisdom. You will never be satisfied fully until you “walk on water”. Adventure is a necessity innate in our design. We can ignore it and zombie our way through life or be alive, fulfilled and at peace in faith. Peace is not having everything comfortable. Peace is firm trust in the Lord producing rest in all circumstances.

Our inability to do something ourselves should be transfered into desperation, desperation transfered to prayer, prayer to faith and patience, faith and patience to fulfillment of the promise.

We cannot wait till everything is right for us to move. This is because our movement is part of the fulfillment of the promise. No Move, no Promise. But praise our Father in heaven who gives grace to say YES and grace to do. I feel this message so strong because God is really speaking this to me in my life and for all the body of Christ. I pray that we would be in love with Jesus, fearless, and running with the will of our Father.

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