I watched a video the other day called “99 balloons.” I was so moved by this story of an extraordinary son and incredible, loving parents. The whole video was of a father telling his son, Eliot, about their daily experiences and joys of taking care of him. Eliot’s father constantly told him he was proud of him for simply existing, simply fighting to live another day.

Eliot was born with a very serious condition including a hole in his heart and a lung problem among other things. He had to be fed every 3 hours by a syringe and tubing. He was on oxygen constantly. There were close calls, but Eliot made it through those times because of his loving mother and father. They celebrated his birthday everyday at the time he was born. He was a wonderful, celebrated, and blessed child… but on the 99th day of his life he died. Very sad. His parents grieved, but did not become bitter and loved even more by blessing others out of what they learned from Eliot.

Now my usual reaction to a video like this is to cry and be deeply moved by the obvious message.  Yet God had more to say. As I sat moved deeply in my heart, God told me that he sees the sinful, our enemies, and the lost like we see Eliot. Eliot was pure and innocent yet was weak physically with a hole in his heart and damaged lungs. Our enemies, the sinful, and lost are weak and have a holes in their hearts. We should have compassion on the weak like we feel fro Eliot. It would be absurd to yell or get mad at a person with a hole in their lung for not breathing properly or wheezing; yet we get angry when sinful people hurt us. It can be hard to love destructive people that hurt us deeply. The Bible says to “bless your enemies” and “pray for those who despitefully use you”.

We must have the compassion of God who loves us even in our weakness. We must forgive and have compassion on everyone from muslim terrorists who wish to destroy us, political opponents, annoying or hurtful family members, sinful christians, and the lost. You name it – we must see them in a different light. Those who are hurting have blood flowing from the holes in their hearts.

We should also treat these hurting ones like the newborns in a prenatal ward.  Our prayers are the incubators creating the warm, healing air and protective environment for them to heal and grow. We must turn our pain into prayers so people may be restored into wh0 they are truly made to be. Their pain must not be met with more pain from us. We must be the ones that release our pain to Jesus and stop the cycle. Jesus became the Great Devourer of pain, sin, and death when he conquered the grave.

We cannot just make commentary on what is wrong, but change it through prayer. I am grieved by the political landscape where politicians and commentators just tear into one another.  This never produces true change, only anger, bitterness, and reaction. God’s plan is compassion and prayer. He will make judgment on sin in justice, but He is the compassionate God who wishes all to be saved.

I realize this is a tall order and not easy to do. It will require God’s grace to make it real in our lives. But how much better it is to live in our true identity as sons of God than to live as dogs biting one another back.

Be sure to watch “99 balloons.” You will be blown away. You can find it on Godtube, Youtube and Vimeo.

Here is the link to it on Youtube *99 balloons*

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  1. jesus trujillo

    nothing but the TRUTH, CHANGE IT THROUGH PRAYER, i love it, only GOD CAN DO IT

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