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Jesus and Goverment: Why we should care

God is the supreme leader and author of government. It came from Him and we are an extension of His supreme leadership by our prayers and actions, which shape the world and culture around us. Within God’s sovereignty¬† and power, […]


Songwriting with God

I recently did a teaching on songwriting that friends requested I post so here it is. Listen to Songwriting with God Here is a partial transcript of the teaching: We don’t play music, we create ideas, melody and rhythm that […]


PREORDERs now available – get album 3 days early

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Fathers, Husbandry, and Leadership

This week at our monthly fasting and prayer gathering I was asked to speak a little about being a Godly father and husband etc. In my seeking God about what He Feels about the subject I was blown away by […]


Itunes podcast added

Hi everyone. I had someone request to download messages and add itunes so here it is. You can download messages within the blog entry and subscribe to the Fireonahill itunes podcast to make it easy. The itunes podcast link is […]


Becoming who we are

Everyone thinks at some point “who am I?” We search the world around us many times looking for things that “tickle our fancy” or we think are “us.” The word of God says that in him we live move and […]


Radical is normal

Radical. What an interesting word. It is perhaps one of the most misused words compared to its original meaning. It has been associated with everything from being extreme to crazy.¬† Quite the contrary, radical is normal. It is the ABC’s […]