Becoming who we are

Everyone thinks at some point “who am I?” We search the world around us many times looking for things that “tickle our fancy” or we think are “us.” The word of God says that in him we live move and have our being. Jesus said He was the way truth and life. The blueprint of our life is found in his presence and daily communion. What we focus on fashions us, what we behold we become.

We become who we are when we spend time with God. It is He that made us, formed us and designed every beautiful, subtle trait. In our Father’s perfect love, He casts out fear and allowing us to run in the fields of destiny and drink deeply of life. He speaks prophetically to us about the future of our life and what is to come in wise snapshots, or broad terms. He wrote the book of our lives before we were born and it would be wise to hear him read it.

The bible also speaks to our makeup. As we read the Bible certain passages will begin to stick out and burn in us as a life verse. Certain people we will connect with deeply, whether it be Elijah or Peter. In this book we will find ourselves.

Our Father is full of mystery. His word is mysterious in many places; yet if we cry out for insight and understanding we can find the knowledge of God and the way to walk. Proverbs chapter 2 speaks of this. Destiny lies in the path of Jesus, the cross and laying down one’s life for a greater one. Most people go through life taking dead things from the culture and attaching them, like new arms or legs to get them where they are going. The result has turned into a Frankenstein life full of dead works, dead ends, and a dead generation. It is God who made us – not ourselves.

Destiny consists partly of decisions we make in agreement with God. We cannot force things to happen but only come in harmony with his will. One amazing thing is our prayers and worship are part of the execution of his sovereign will. The Lord’s prayer is evidence of this: “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” God uses people to fulfill their own destiny and that of others.

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